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Introducing Flexilab by Total Clean Air: Your Modular Cleanroom Solution

Total Clean Air proudly presents Flexilab, the versatile, flexible walled cleanroom that’s designed to adapt to your needs, not the other way around. Ideal in situations where manoeuvrability is key.

Modular Brilliance

Flexilab is a cleanroom solution that evolves with your requirements. It comes in four standard sizes, but the real magic happens when you need more space. With Flexilab, you can bolt multiple units together, creating larger cleanroom areas without the need for extensive construction. Need to expand or downsize? Flexilab adjusts effortlessly to fit your workspace.

Unprecedented Mobility

Flexilab is not your typical cleanroom; it’s your mobile cleanroom. This soft-walled marvel is perfect for manoeuvring over machines or for environments that demand flexibility. With its built-in wheels, you have the power to move your cleanroom wherever it’s needed. No more constraints – Flexilab goes where you need it, when you need it.

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3000mm x 3000mm x 2300mm, 3000mm x 6000mm x 2300mm, 3000mm x 9000mm x 2300mm, 6000mm x 6000mm x 2300mm


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