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Monobloc Cleanrooms are made in a single piece, rather than being fabricated from components. Monobloc Cleanroom systems feature flush-fitting wall panels for reduced particle retention and superior load bearing capacity. They are leading in thermal performance, superior fire protection and enhanced environmental credentials for your Cleanroom. This system is perfect for projects which need to adhere to GMP guidelines.

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Cleanroom design

Standards Required For Monobloc Cleanroon Benefits

Monobloc cleanrooms are prefabricated, which allows for quick and easy installation. This minimizes disruption to your facility and helps to get your cleanroom up and running faster.

Monobloc cleanrooms are modular in nature, which means they can be easily adapted, expanded, or reconfigured to accommodate changing needs or requirements.

Monobloc cleanrooms are typically built with high-quality materials that are resistant to corrosion and able to withstand the rigorous demands of a controlled environment. This ensures a long-lasting and reliable cleanroom solution.

Monobloc cleanrooms are designed to maintain strict levels of cleanliness, with features such as seamless wall surfaces and integrated air filtration systems to reduce particle contamination and maintain a controlled environment.

Modular Construction


Quick Assembly Time


Inexpensive Modifications

Airflow Control

The benefits

Industries Using Modular Cleanrooms

Research Institutes
Optic and Laser
Medical Device
Food and Beverages
Plastic Mould Injections

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