Fume Cabinets Testing and Validation

Fume Cabinets Testing and Validation

Fume cabinets testing and validation is essential to the sensitive equipment in environments like laboratories, pharmaceutical facilities and food processing plants. This is to ensure that the equipment is fully compliant and working correctly to perform the task for which they are designed.

If you need Fume Cabinets Testing and Validation, look no further. Total Clean Air has a reputation spanning 3 years for providing Fume Cabinets Testing and Validation with utmost integrity. We are committed to meeting, and even exceeding British Standards, as well as other industry standards. Call our friendly team today on 01737 924 700 for more information about what we do and can offer you and your facilities.

What is a fume cabinet?

A fume cabinet is a sealed enclosure which allows hazardous fumes and vapours to be controlled. They can be found in various places but most commonly with laboratories. A fume cabinet has forced ventilation to control the amount of air that passes through the enclosure. Fume cabinets provide local exhaust ventilation. These essentially take contaminated air from a workstation and draw it through an air filter which traps the contaminant, be it particulate or chemical, typically in a carbon or HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter. The air is then exhausted by air ducting to a remote location.

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Why you need to test Fume Cabinets

Fume cabinets and control equipment require regular inspection and testing to ensure that your controlled environment continues to meet regulatory requirements.

Fume filter systems are available in a variety of specifications, materials, power capacity, particle size, temperature, and airflow rates. It is essential to ensure that the fume cabinet is correctly specified for the environments it will be used in prior to installation into the laboratory.

Before installing and using a fume cabinet you must check that it complies with the requirements of BS EN 14175-3:2019. This standard is essential as it determines the degree of cleanliness, states how the airflow in a fume cabinet will be maintained, how much contamination will be allowed in the environment and how difficult it should be to remove that contamination.

If registered and certified to BS EN 14175-3:2019 (or equivalent) your fume cabinet will have successfully met these criteria. Get the best value from your cleanrooms with Total Clean Air fume cabinets testing and validation. We offer proven quality performance from our expert team.

Type of Fume Cabinets

Fume cabinets are an integral part of any organisation that requires a clean environment for working with hazardous fluids, powders and particulates. They offer protection to the operator from toxic dusts, vapours and aerosols produced in processes such as laboratory work. They also protect nearby staff from exposure to potentially hazardous materials. There are two major types of fume cabinets. Ducted and Ductless.


Ducted fume cabinets are designed to capture and dispose of hazardous chemical fumes. They effectively vent the air containing the hazardous chemicals from laboratories, and dispose of it into the outside atmosphere, ensuring that the laboratory inside remains safe. These cabinets come in a variety of designs, depending on the type of fume generated.


A Ductless Fume Cabinet provides the same level of containment, while reducing your footprint and increasing your flexibility. These types of cabinets allows you to be free of ducts and their complexities, with no interference with your building’s infrastructure.

Total Clean Air is a specialist fume cabinet distributor supplying a wide range of laboratory fume cabinets to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries worldwide. We have over 3 years’ experience in designing, specifying, installing and maintaining laboratory fumes cabinets to meet your exact requirements.

Our Services

Total Clean Air provides fume extraction cabinets testing and validation services throughout the UK. We provide a specialised fume extraction service; and test and validate, all types of carbon and HEPA filters for Fume Cabinets and Cleanrooms.

Our range of services include:

Fume cabinet testing and LEV testing

We test and validate fume cabinets, carry out carbon and HEPA filter testing, airflow testing, and equipment performance validation at levels up to ISO Class 5. We can also provide microbiological air samplers, particle samplers and gaseous sampling devices allowing you to monitor your environment in real time.

If you have a fume cabinet, make sure it is compliant. Total Clean Air can help. We offer the full range of testing and certification services to provide you with the peace of mind that your assets are performing as they should.

Preliminary Checks / Qualification

Fume cabinets and cleanroom systems are technologically very complex, making it crucial that they are installed correctly. Testing and Validation ensures that your fume cabinets and cleanrooms perform as intended. Our preliminary checks and qualifications in accordance with BS EN 14175-3:2019 enable you to gain maximum benefit from your cleanroom, ensuring regulatory compliance and protecting the environment. When you need an independent assessment of a fume cabinet, call Total Clean Air. We offer swift, impartial assessments that are designed to protect your staff and patients.

Filter Maintenance & Testing

Keeping filters clean is an important part of any air quality management system. It is crucial to the efficiency and effective functioning of a fume cabinet, as airborne particles can reduce filtering effectiveness.

The team at Total Clean Air provide a range of services and solutions for cleaning, maintenance and testing of fumes cabinets and their filtration systems. Using expertise in filter technology and air purification combined with comprehensive knowledge of microbiological contamination, weare able to offer the highest level of service in a cost-effective manner.

Periodic testing for leaks

Testing and Validation of your Fume Cabinets is vital in your cleanroom operation, as a leak in the filter can be a danger to your personnel; it can be the cause of cross infection and spoil your end product.

Total Clean Air can test your fume cabinets for leaks. We have a full range of equipment, to suit all designs of specific requirements. Our testing can audit the integrity of the cabinet and demonstrate that it is not letting contaminants into your working space.


Total Clean Air – Testing & Validation Services

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On site DOP testing and Validation of HEPA filters

Dispersed Oil Particulate (DOP) Testing is a test method to ensure the integrity of the HEPA filters. The DOP test is carried out in accordance with BS EN ISO 14644-3. To ensure a high quality of clean air and correct airflow in your fume cabinets, we offer an on-site DOP test at your facility.

The test is carried out by one of our accredited technicians to determine whether the HEPA filter is capturing all the particulates and there are no holes within the filter. We will then provide you with a report indicating when the filter should be replaced. Do you need your HEPA filters tested? Total Clean Air can provide you with all the services you require.

Supply and installation of new Carbon or HEPA filters

Fume cabinets deliver a constant supply of clean air in your work environment. They are designed to ensure maximum protection for tasks requiring controlled amounts of hazardous chemicals or particulates. If you need replacementfume cabinetcarbon or HEPA filters in your cleanroom, laboratory or working environment to protect your worker then please get in touch. At Total Clean Air, we can supply a wide range of Carbon or HEPA filters to protect your workforce.

Integrity testing of HEPA filters

Commercial buildings, laboratories and an array of industrial sectors rely on HEPA filter equipped fume cabinets to protect people from potentially toxic materials.

However, these become ineffective if not maintained properly or if they are damaged as they will allow unfiltered air to leak through the fume cabinet into the workspace. Integrity testing ensures that the filter is working properly.

An integrity test or Dispersed Oil Particulate (DOP) can help in the maintenance and control of your fume cabinets by providing reassurance that the air being cleaned is safe, enabling you to maintain a high level of protection for your workers. An integrity test can also help by allowing early detection of changes in airflow resulting from damage to components such as HEPA filters. At Total Clean Air, our integrity testing of HEPA filters provides you with the proof that your fume cabinet or clean room environment meets the safety standards.

Filter Validation

The filter validation is a procedure to evaluate the integrity of the filters, to show that the filters are capable of removing specific contaminants with retention times greater than or equal to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Total Clean Air provides top of the range filter validation service to the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical devices and cosmetic sectors. Total Clean Air also provides specialist services for fume cabinet validation, servicing and other support services you may require. To find out more about our value-added services, please get in touch on 01737 924 700 or send an email to sales@tca.group. We look forward to hearing from you.


Why Choose Us

Total Clean Air offers a comprehensive range of expertise and advice in the servicing and validation of fume cabinets for industrial applications. Our primary aim is to provide our clients with a truly independent end-to-end service, including the supply of specialist equipment and training. With experience from a range of applications, we can develop efficient and cost-effective solutions. We can either visit your location to discuss requirements for all new installations and on-going service and maintenance programs or carry this out remotely.


Fume cabinet testing and validation can be complex. Whether you need to test performance against an existing BS EN standard, or generate a brand-new test specification for ISO certification, Total Clean Air expertise is the perfect partner for your business. When it comes to fume cabinets, we know how critical safety is. We help you achieve indoor air quality compliance and manage your risk across a range of industries from pharmaceutical to aerospace. We provide complete airflow solutions from selection through planning, design, installation, and commissioning that matches your unique application’s requirements.

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Total Clean Air is a dedicated service provider for the air filtration, fume containment, microbiological safety and cleanroom industries. We provide testing and validation for some of the world’s most trusted brands of HEPA filters, air purifiers, side flow hoods, laminar flow cabinets, high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) purifiers and other bespoke products suitable for chemical plant control rooms and laboratories where ultra-clean environments are required.

We provide UKAS accredited services to ISO 14644-1 standard. Our facilities include Class 100,000 (ISO 5), Class 10,000 (ISO 8) and Cleanroom (ISO 5) tested environments. If your facility requires certification or recertification, or you want to validate and ensure that your clean room environment is up to standard, you are on the right page. To find out more about our services, please get in touch as soon as possible.