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Local Exhaust Ventilation Testing refers to the process of evaluating the effectiveness of a ventilation system in removing hazardous airborne contaminants from a work environment.

Testing & commissioning

What’s the differences?

LEV Testing

LEV testing is performed to assess the performance and effectiveness of an existing ventilation system.


LEV testing is important for ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Existing Issues

LEV testing can help identify and address issues with an existing ventilation system.

LEV Commissioning

LEV commissioning involves the installation and initial testing of a new ventilation system to ensure that it meets the required standards and specifications.

Meets Standards

Commissioning helps ensure that a new LEV system meets the required standards and specifications.


Helps to identify issues with a new LEV system before it is put into use.

Why TCA?

Our unique e-certification system allows you to keep your LEV testing reports and certificates under control. The custom-built portal is available 24 hours a day and allows you to view your documents, making misplacement of your hard copy certificate a thing of the past. All documents can now be accessed and printed at any time, via the safe login information provided by us.


When you are looking for an LEV test and certification, your first touchpoint for a free quote and high-quality service should be our support team. We are available nationwide. Call Total Clean Air now on 01737 924700 to get started on your LEV testing.

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The benefits

Why do you need LEV Testing?

Identification of system deficiencies

Over time, wear and tear or changes in work processes can cause an LEV system to become less effective.

To comply with COSHH law

Since Local Exhaust Ventilation is a safety mechanism under COSHH regulations, it is mandatory that it be checked and tested routinely and properly.

To ensure a safe working environment

If these contaminants are not properly removed, they can pose a significant health risk to employees.

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