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As the EV sector innovates quickly we are on hand to support with state of the art Cleanrooms and controls.

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Why Total Clean Air?

With decades of unparalleled proficiency in crafting and designing cutting-edge cleanrooms tailored exclusively for multiple sectors including automotive & battery manufacturing. Our steadfast commitment to excellence is not merely a pledge but a demonstrated legacy, marking us as industry leaders.

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Cleanrooms play an indispensable role in ensuring the quality and reliability of car battery manufacturing processes. To meet the stringent standards of this industry, specific conditions and requirements must be met.

In the highly controlled environment of cleanrooms, precise levels of particulate and microbial contamination are maintained to safeguard the integrity of battery components and assembly. Stringent cleanliness standards, such as ISO 14644 and other industry-specific regulations, dictate the necessity for meticulous air filtration, temperature control, and humidity management.

At Total Clean Air, we understand the critical importance of maintaining these conditions to support efficient and flawless car battery production. Our expertise lies in designing, installing, and maintaining state-of-the-art cleanroom solutions tailored to the unique needs of the automotive battery industry. From HEPA and ULPA filtration systems to advanced monitoring and control technologies, we ensure that your cleanroom operates at optimal efficiency, meeting and exceeding regulatory requirements.

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Excellence in Cleanroom Construction for Automotive Battery Manufacturing

At Total Clean Air, we take immense pride in leading the way in cleanroom construction, specialising in delivering tailored solutions for battery manufacturing facilities in the automotive sector. Understanding the unique challenges of lithium battery manufacturing, including humidity and low dew points gives TCA the tools required to help you get your project complete and functional.

Decades of Experience, Unmatched Expertise

With a heritage built on decades of experience, our team comprehends the intricacies of battery manufacturing like no other. Our focus lies in a deep understanding of the unique demands of the automotive sector, enabling us to offer bespoke solutions that go beyond expectations. From conceptualization to technical design and final delivery, we stand as your trusted partner throughout the entire process.

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We Care: A Commitment Beyond Construction

Embedded in our core company ethos is the “We Care” concept, a testament to our dedication to our customers, suppliers, local businesses, and, above all, our highly motivated and dedicated team. This guiding principle permeates every aspect of our business, ensuring that our projects not only meet the highest standards but also contribute positively to the communities we serve.

Supplier and Local Business Relationships

We believe in cultivating positive relationships. Our partnerships with suppliers and support for local businesses underscore our commitment to the communities we serve.

Environmental Stewardship: Commitment to Sustainability

In addition to our dedication to construction excellence, we pride ourselves on our environmental credentials. Total Clean Air is committed to low energy practices, efficient carbon footprint management, and substantial investments in sustainable initiatives. We strive to minimize our environmental impact and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.


What our customers say about us

Total Clean Air consistently provide high quality and service. We can at times be a demanding customer and have sites in the UK and SA. We trust TCA with all our cleanrooms, delivering ISO Class 5 validated performance now for many years. We have no hesitation in recommending TCA.

Director - Redermis

We needed specialist blending rooms and high grade cleanrooms for our new UK headquarters. Phill and the team understood what we needed, gave advise and designed around our concept to deliver a manufacturing facility we are proud of. Not just cleanrooms but a total refurbishment and facility overhaul. Delivered on time and to budget. Many thanks to all the team.

Nutraceuticals Group Europe
Director - Nutraceuticals Group Europe
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