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Introducing Airelab by Total Clean Air: The Future of Rapidly Deployable Cleanrooms.

Are you ready to revolutionise the way you maintain ISO 14644 air cleanliness in your critical environments? Total Clean Air is thrilled to unveil our groundbreaking innovation: Airelab – the inflatable cleanroom of the future.

Airelab by Total Clean Air

From £4,995 or £495 per month

Low Power Usage

ISO Ranges 5-9

Rapid Delivery

Experience Swift Cleanroom Deployment

Gone are the days of laborious cleanroom assembly. Airelab is a game-changer, designed for those who demand efficiency and precission. With Airelab, you can have an ISO 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 compliant cleanroom up and running in just one hour! This means you can focus on what truely matters - your mission critical work - instead of losing valuable time on setup.

Inflate & Validate

Airelab boasts a unique, self-supporting design. As the name suggests, the room inflates effortlessly in mere minutes. But here's the magic: the cleanroom's exo structure is rigid and self sustaining once inflated. No constant monitoring or topping up required. Your peace of mind is assured as the cleanroom maintains its integrity throughout your projects.

Pulse1000 Total Clean Air
Breathe Easy with High-Quality Air

Airelab's performance isnt just about rapid deployment; it's about uncompromising air quality. Our Pulse1000 fan filter unit ensures a constant supply of HEPA-filtered air, meeting stringent ISO 14644 standards. Whether you're safeguarding sensitive equipment, conducting vital research or producing cutting-edge technology, you can trust Airelab to provide the clean and controlled environment you need.

Designed For The Following Industries;

Airelab: Beyond Cleanroom Expectations

Why choose Airelab for your cleanroom needs?


Rapid deployment means you can save time and resources.


Airelab's self-supporting design eliminates the need for constant maintenance.


Achieve ISO 5 to 9 air cleanliness with ease.


Airelab is adaptable to various industries and applications.

Quality Assurance

Trust Total Clean Air's decades of experience in cleanrooms solutions.

Join us in the future of cleanroom technology with Airelab by Total Clean Air.

Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional cleanrooms and welcome efficiency, reliability and most importantly affordability into your workspace. 

Are you ready to experience the future of cleanrooms? Contact us today for more information, and let Airelab take your cleanroom experience to new heights. Total Clean Air is redefining cleanroom solutions, one innovation at a time.

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