Air Extraction Systems for the Dental Industry

Air Extraction Systems for the Dental Industry

In dental practice, there is always a risk of developing airborne and surface contamination. This contamination can lead to health problems for dental staff and patients. Extraction systems help reduce the exposure that staff and patients might encounter by efficiently removing 99.5% of fine particles and aerosols at 0.5 microns.

At Total Clean Air, we provide proper ventilation solutions that can remove dental aerosols. This enables us to ensure the safety of professionals and patients in cases that involve particulates and chemicals. Trust our team to help you find the best possible solutions for your dentistry needs.

What is an Air Extraction System?

An air extraction system is a specialised device with an integrated high-efficiency particulate arresting filter which catches unwanted particles like airborne viruses, bacteria, mould spores and chemicals.

Air can be extracted from a number of confined or enclosed areas that are potentially hazardous to the health of individuals who work or live nearby.

Air Extraction Systems also known as Air Filtration Systems are generally used whenever the air in a certain area needs to be purified before it can be safely breathed.

How Does an Air Extraction System Work?

Air extraction systems work by collecting contaminated air into a filter or bag before releasing it safely into the environment. The pressurised air is drawn via metered filters through a hose typically set up near the workstation, where the ducts transport the air away from the worksite, preventing toxins from being inhaled by your dental staff and patients.

It is essential that you have an effective and well-maintained ducted system installed in all of your dental practices. Explore our range of air extraction systems at Total Clean Air. Call 01737 924 700 for more information.

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The Need for Air Extraction in Dental Practice

Exposure to Dangerous Aerosols

The air in a dental practice is laden with minute particles which are generated during various dental procedures. These are called fume and aerosol particles. Exposure to aerosols in a dental practice has been implicated as causing an excess of fatal and nonfatal respiratory conditions. The basic principles of control and preventive measures for fume generated by the dental practice include the use of extraction systems.

Risk of Coronavirus

The risk of transmission of coronavirus infection between patients in settings such as dental clinics is very high even within protective isolation units because airborne particles from infected patients’ secretions and excretions can be dispersed widely throughout a space.

The need for a ventilation system specifically designed for dental surgery is evident. At its core, an air extraction system provides a safe environment within a controlled area through neutralising contaminants by extracting contaminated air through a filter or HEPA filter unit and releasing fresh, clean air back into a room.

Long Fallow Time Between Patients

Fallow time is the name given to the periods of time in which a dental practice operates without any patient present. This practice allows dentists to properly purify the air before the next Aerosol Generating Procedure (AGP). A long fallow time between patients can have a negative impact on your cash flow. Clinics that have fully automated and integrated dental hygiene, extraction, and polishing can reduce their fallow time by 15 – 30 minutes between patients when installing correct extraction systems.

New recommendations include:

A baseline fallow time of 30 minutes where there are one to five air changes per hour (ACH) or the number is unknown. Mitigation must be used, such as high-volume suction or rubber dam. Where there are six to nine ACH, it recommends a baseline fallow time of 20 minutes. Where there are 10 or more ACH, a baseline fallow time of 15 minutes is recommended. These baseline times can be cut even further if mitigation factors are used, such as rubber dam and high-volume suction.

At Total Clean Air we can provide you with the exact ACH your surgeries have in order for you to calculate the fallow time you must have between each patient. We can also provide you with solutions to increase your ACH to enable you to have more patients per day.

Wiping Surfaces Is Inadequate

Wiping surfaces is not enough to kill off bacteria, which could lead to illness. Wiping does not clean all the surfaces. It only cleans the top layer of grime and does not get rid of contamination in crevices. This can allow dangerous bacteria to survive in the treatment room. This will spread easily through staff members who may pick droplets or dust containing harmful bacteria with their fingers while working on a machine or even by inhaling particles floating around the clinic.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Alone is not Enough

Dentists are at risk of inhaling fumes and other harmful particles produced by the drilling tools, which can damage the lungs and other important organs. Although they wear personal protective equipment to avoid direct contact, they still tend to breathe in small particles that could potentially cause lung cancer and other health hazards afterwards.


Total Clean Air Is Able to Offer a Total Solution to Your Particulate and Fume Problems

Total Clean Air offers services in enabling dental surgeries and provides equipment to meet all your air quality needs. Our solutions include:

Supply, Install and Maintain Specialist Air Extraction Systems

Total Clean Air can supply, install, and maintain specialist air extraction systems for use within dental surgeries using Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGP), medical facilities, laboratories and other closed environments. Our systems are a proven way to improve patient outcomes and ensure operational compliance while maximising staff wellbeing.

With the worldwide threat of coronavirus, doctors and dentists are now assessed on their ability to use an effective fume extraction system that will eliminate all risk of airborne contamination. Choose the quietest and most reliable extraction system on the market. Contact us today to find out more about our air extraction systems on 01737 924 700.

Perform Aerosol/Smoke Tests

Gases and particulate matter from operations are always present. Constant monitoring is required to ensure a healthy breathing zone for the workforce. Our range of dedicated breathing-zone monitors, personal aerosol monitors, portable emissions detectors and extraction systems make it possible to monitor and measure exposure in real-time.

Protect your staff and patients with the widest range of filtration systems. Our reliable products are suited to any application within the dental sector, from simple smoke testing devices, right through to full-scale, system-wide exhaust extraction.

Give us a call at 01737 924 700 to find out how Total Clean Air can help you.

Local Exhaust Ventilation System

Dental professionals deserve the absolute best available in local ventilation. Total Clean Air offers an extensive range of ‘local’ ventilation to meet your needs.

Total Clean Air’s easy-to-use, cost-effective systems clean the air in your workspace, preventing cross-contamination of patients and measuring instruments. It is not just about fume extraction;it’s about eliminating harmful particles from the air that you breathe.

Each system is available in different sizes and can be customised with additional accessories—including HEPA filters and pre-filters as well as high gloss powder-coated enclosures.

Request a custom quote or call our team on 01737 924 700 to understand the types of systems available and how they can benefit your practice.

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Critical Features of our Air Extraction Systems

High Suction

Consistent airflow is critical to efficient, professional extraction. Total Clean AIr extraction systems are designed for the high suction requirements within dental practices.

4-stage Filtering Process

In the battle against dentist’s fumes, Total Clean Air is your perfect ally. Our four-stage filtering system can capture almost 100% of particles. The system provides fresh, clean air to concentration areas with no contaminants being carried back into the workplace.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Our air extraction systems can be set up in minutes. Our high-density extraction systems are perfect for flexible working environments and offer an outstanding return on investment. And thanks to a simple design, easy access panels and user-friendly controls, running the system is hassle-free so you can focus on business.

Regulations Compliant

The unit is CE-marked and meets HSG258 and COSHH standards. Each unit is labelled with its own serial number, and in case of a field defect, it can be traced back to the original production batch.

Dental Laboratory Applications

  • Monomer Processes
  • Dental Milling
  • Crown and Bridge Frameworks
  • 3D Print
  • CAD / CAM Manufacturing
  • Hand Working Processes

What Are the Benefits of Air Filtration Systems in Dental Clinics?

Slow Down the Spread of Airborne Infections

Dental clinics often are not properly ventilated. This leads to unhealthy environments that are ideal for bacterial growth and the spread of airborne infections. An air filtration system installed in the clinic can help slow down these infections from spreading among the patients and staff. Air filtration systems also remove odours and control dust, which makes it easier for dental professionals to deliver excellent care.

Maintain Clean, Safe Environments

Air filtration systems in dental clinics help professionals maintain clean, safe environments, reduce the risk of cross-contamination in the workplace, and protect patients against airborne infections.

You can breathe easy knowing there’s help when you need it. Air filtration systems clean the air, neutralises odours and delivers clean, fresh air at the flip of a switch.

Ensure Optimal Patient and Staff Comfort Levels

A dental clinic is a heavy-duty, indoor environment. A professional air filtration system can help create a more comfortable, pleasant, and efficient environment for your team and patients. Air filtration systems will keep the air in your dental clinic clearer, cleaner, and healthier – and with better patient comfort and satisfaction while reducing cleaning costs.

Protect Patients, Employees, and the Community

Air filtration systems in dental clinics remove bacteria, dust, and harmful particulates from the air your practice pumps into your patients’ mouths. Plus, they help protect employees and the community at large from harmful contaminants that can travel back out of the workplace on employees’ clothing. By using filtered air, you can eliminate a number of airborne particles that could be hazardous to any of these groups and may have an impact on the clinic’s productivity.

Limit Liability Through Compliance with Relevant Health Regulations

Air filtration systems have always been a major concern for dental professionals due to the implications associated with malpractice and infection. Besides supplying clean air, these systems also reduce dust and allergens. More importantly, they can facilitate compliance with government regulations. Using a properly designed filtration system, you can remove these hazards from your dental practice, creating a healthier environment.

Maximum Productivity with Minimum Maintenance

Eliminate manual cleaning and dramatically reduce ongoing maintenance with an automatic air filtration system. Air extraction systems help you get more done with less. With a comprehensive and intuitive air filtration system, it is a whole lot easier to make an investment that helps your dental clinic grow in ways you never could have imagined.

Improve the overall air quality of your clinic

The air quality of the clinic plays a huge role in the experience of the patient. It has been observed that the air inside a dental clinic can contain up to 400,000 particles of dirt per cubic foot – that’s almost 10 times the amount found in typical indoor air.

Air filtration systems have been proven to improve the overall air quality of the clinic by removing particles. This will result in a better patient experience, improved staff morale and better overall health for everyone in your clinic.

Give You Peace of Mind

Air filtration systems are more than just an investment in clean air technology. They’re also an investment in the health and well-being of your patients.

These filters provide a constant supply of fresh outside air to your practice, providing you with peace of mind knowing that you’re only ever filtering the cleanest air possible for your patients – while ensuring they have a positive and comfortable experience.

Simply put, air filtration is good for you. Office staff and dental professionals can breathe easier knowing their dental practice has proper filtration in place to protect everyone inside.

Reduce Patient Waiting Times

An air filtration system in dental clinics can significantly reduce patient waiting time or even eliminate it altogether. Waiting time in dental surgeries is typically extremely uncomfortable for patients.

By taking care of the spread of contaminants in dental clinics, you will have happier patients and be able to cut back on staff absenteeism.

Increase in Revenue

The use of air filtration systems in dental clinics can significantly improve your patients’ comfort and satisfaction. They help greatly reduce the sensitivity of your patients to smells, vapours and airborne irritants. With the use of this kind of system, you have a certain peace of mind that you are offering your clients high-quality dental care. It makes such a big difference in terms of revenue when you provide a comfortable environment for your clients during their visit to the dentist.

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Decrease Your Risk of Liability from Aerosol Exposure

The cost of air filtration solutions in dental exams rooms is a very small cost for the potential lawsuits that can and will occur from patient’s exposure to cross-contamination. When you have an air filtration system in place that effectively captures aerosols, it prevents patient exposure and lowers the risk of liability.

Reduce the Financial Impact of COVID-19 Restrictions

Having an air filtration system can significantly reduce the financial impact of COVID-19 restrictions. Air filtration can mean the difference between success and failure for a dental practice. Your patients will be counting on you for clean air. Be sure to keep them comfortable and healthy with the help of an air filtration system.

Increased Flow of Patients

Due to coronavirus, call-to-appointment ratios and appointment penetration levels are very low. By minimising airborne contaminants that cause cross-contamination within the practice, dentists can have more control over the flow of patients and create a safe environment for all staff and patients.

Providing your clients with a clean breathing space will encourage them to visit your clinic and increase the number of treated patients through better hygiene standardisation.

Why Choose Total Clean Air?

High-Quality Products

Total Clean Air is a provider of high-quality dental fume and dust extraction systems. Our filtration products feature quiet, clean operation and are easy to use. We are committed to providing the best possible service to our customers, no matter how large or small. You can trust our technicians to deliver fully safe, healthy, and comfortable services with a smile.

Total Solution

We offer a complete range of professional quality products that are supported by industry-leading customer service and expertise. Our ventilation systems ensure a clean breathing environment for any space requiring constant positive pressure.Combining efficient filtration, energy-saving blowers, and industrial-strength construction with computerised controls, these systems are designed to meet the needs of both private and public dental clinics. Implementing our range will improve your indoor air quality, ensuring workplace safety and maximum productivity from your premises.

Many Years of Experience

We have over XXX years of experience supplying, designing, engineering and installing a wide range of extraction systems for all size practices. Our extensive experience has led us to design a line of clean air solutions for your clinic while putting the emphasis on safety and security.

Bespoke Designs to Suit Your Needs

Overseen by experts with over XXX years of collective experience in dental practice management, our systems cater to every practice and we can create bespoke designs to suit your needs. Whether you are looking to improve your current system or are planning a newly built practice, you are more than welcome to contact us today.

Smart Technology and Innovation

We have grown to become one of the largest suppliers of air filtration equipment and solutions in the UK, now selling to more than XXX organisations around the UK. Our success is not down to luck or circumstance; it’s down to innovation, engineering excellence, customer care and market leadership

Excellent Customer Service

Total Clean Air solutions are available for all common air extraction applications and offer a comprehensive, flexible range of options to suit your needs. We do this through the excellent support of our team of experts. Our dedicated air treatment professionals will work with you to ensure you get exactly what you need while delivering the best solution for your budget.

More Measures to Further Protect Your Dental Facility

Face mask

Face masks are a must for dental clinics due to  coronavirus. Face mask filters fine particles from the air and helps to minimise exposure to airborne pathogens.

Eye protection

To prevent toxic effects, dentists should provide and require their employees to use appropriate face shield protection. Such protection is also advisable for any health care workers who may be exposed to dental conditions during their employment at the facility.

Protective clothing

To protect yourself and your staff from the harmful effects of dental fume, you need to wear protective clothing. Not only does it help protect you from airborne pathogens, but also bodily fluids.

Clean surfaces and decontaminate areas

The cleanliness of your dental facility is extremely important so you can make sure there are no harmful pathogens in the air. You will want to wipe down all surfaces and disinfect everything, from the chairs to the dentistry tools. Make sure you dispose of all waste properly.

Continuous staff education

The threat of exposure to airborne contaminants requires continuous monitoring and education of staff.

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Total Clean Air’s air extraction range represents the very best in ventilation technology for dental clinics. The simple to use, highly efficient systems provide excellent clinical results for your patients and are developed to perform day after day, year after year. Do not hesitate to contact our specialist if you have any questions via email: email XXX or call 01737 924 700.