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MSC, BSC, Class 1 and 2 Biological Safety Cabinet Testing and Compliance

Biosafety cabinets, also known as BSC’s or MSC’s, are primary barriers of containment used in cleanroom environments or research centres and hospitals, for work with potentially infectious agents. They offer localised environmental protection for the user using hepa filtration and an exhaust system. These units must therefore be reliable as it is a key safety measure. A BSC is an enclosed ventilated work area and the different types that exist are distinguished by the level of necessary biocontainment or operator protection. Biosafety cabinets are predominantly for operator protection, but a class II cabinet also offers product protection. Qualified personnel who are specialised in maintenance and certification of such equipment must certify the equipment at least annually depending on your requirements. A BSC that contains a Grade A or ISO 5 environment should be tested bi-annually. The process leading to the certification is known as biological safety cabinet validation testing, or BCS testing. This is a legal requirement for regular maintenance and examination under COSHH regulations. It’s important to have a validation process to control the routine validation testing of all biosafety cabinet devices and a risk assessment may be necessary.

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Total Clean Air consistently provide high quality and service. We can at times be a demanding customer and have sites in the UK and SA. We trust TCA with all our cleanrooms, delivering ISO Class 5 validated performance now for many years. We have no hesitation in recommending TCA.

Director - Redermis

We needed specialist blending rooms and high grade cleanrooms for our new UK headquarters. Phill and the team understood what we needed, gave advise and designed around our concept to deliver a manufacturing facility we are proud of. Not just cleanrooms but a total refurbishment and facility overhaul. Delivered on time and to budget. Many thanks to all the team.

Nutraceuticals Group Europe
Director - Nutraceuticals Group Europe
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