Safe Change HEPA Filter Testing & Validation

Safe Change HEPA Filter Testing & Validation

Are you searching for a reliable and knowledgeable partner to carry out HEPA filter testing and validation? Total Clean Air provides third-party testing and validation for HEPA filter performance. We test and validate HEPA filters, verifying the performance of filters used in filtration and clean room applications to ISO14644 & BS EN 12469 specification. If you’re looking for a partner in test validation, look no further. We are here to help.

What is Safe change filtration?

Safe change filtration is an industry term used to describe technology where contaminants from the air are filtered while the system is running. Safe change filtration saves time, ensuring the productivity of people and equipment in clean production environments.

This process is a safe, efficient way for end-users to maintain confidence in the cleanliness of their air system. It is a system that makes use of controlled and validated filtration, dedicated equipment, dedicated workspace, trained operators, and regular measurement to ensure air-side critical contamination does not enter your cleanroom. It is the final line of defense in a chain of cleanroom parts that ensures safe product manufacturing. We believe that your manufacturing environment is the core of your business.

HVAC systems are a critical component to many industrial, food processing, and pharmaceutical facilities and at Total Clean Air, we can help reduce the risk of contaminations in your operations by ensuring that you have safe change filtration systems in place. Request more information.


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What is HEPA filter testing, Dispersed Oil Particulate (DOP) testing or Filter Integrity Testing?

HEPA filter testing or Dispersed Oil Particulate (DOP) testing or Filter Integrity Testing is the most reliable method of determining whether the HEPA filters in cleanroom equipment has been compromised. Filters that come in must be tested and validated in situ before they can be used to make sure they are safe to operate. HEPA filter testing allows manufacturers to fulfil BS EN ISO14644 Part 3 requirements, validation and maintenance program stipulations and ensure the highest possible level of particulate control within their facilities.

HEPA filter testing is a component of Total Clean Air validation services. We have developed our proprietary methodology to ensure HEPA filters are safe for use and continue to perform as expected. We can demonstrate how you can use Safe Change to increase your safety and cleanliness requirements. Get in touch today.

Why you need to test and validate HEPA FILTERS

HEPA Filter Testing and Validation is one of the most vital safeguards for anybody working in a clean environment, be it pharmaceutical, healthcare or food and beverage industries. In this era of increased environmental concerns regarding germs, bacteria and cross-contamination concerns for total air management systems, safety becomes paramount to ensure all workers are safe from hazardous contaminants which they may encounter during operation.

As we know changing a HEPA filter is a simple process that should be carried out at regular intervals. It is the failures in this process that can put your life, health, and safety at risk. Therefore, it is vital that any filters you change are tested to ensure they pass the necessary integrity test.

Total Clean Air has developed the expertise to test all types of HEPA filters. Total Clean Air can help with both safety assurance level (SAL) testing and integrity testing, as required by product specification or safety standard certification. Our experts can help you ensure your Filters are protecting your workers from airborne contaminants. Contact us today for more information about our services.

Total Clean Air – Testing & Validation Services

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Our Services

Total Clean Air offers an extensive range of services that include filter testing, validation, maintenance, and integrity testing. We provide a truly comprehensive testing service to suit all industry needs. Our aim is to achieve customer satisfaction through exceptional service and product quality. Total Clean Air can deliver detailed reports within the shortest possible time, offering quick knowledge of the current system condition with valuable information on what is required to correct or prevent any issues. Our range of services include:

Preliminary Checks / Qualification

Before you can begin test and validation work, you need to make sure your equipment is correctly set up. This is when the preliminary checks and qualifications are performed.

Preliminary checks include any checks which need to be performed prior to beginning testing. This could include simple checks such as checking that the filter is correctly oriented in its frame and that there are no obvious signs of damage or alteration.

Total Clean Air´s experienced team performs a wide range of preliminary checks and detailed validation of your HEPA filters and HEPA filter systems at every stage of the production.

Filter Maintenance & Testing

The air in laboratories and other sensitive spaces is often much more contaminated than the outside air. This means that if the filters are not maintained properly, these pollutants can circulate around the building, affecting people’s health. For this reason, anyone managing clean rooms or similar settings must be aware of their air filter’s integrity. Filter Maintenance and Testing ensures air filters are working efficiently, effectively, and safely. Total Clean Air provides a full range of certified services and testing to scrutinise and certify your existing system so you can be certain it is functioning as it should.

Periodic testing for leaks

Testing for leaks is a crucial part of any building maintenance program. The results determine the extent of your filter infrastructure, pinpointing areas of concern to reduce energy use and improve safety. Total Clean Air can test your HEPAs and filters for leaks and holes or any contamination problems. We have tested HEPA filters in a wide range of applications such as, Hospitals, Food Processing Plants, Pharmaceutical Labs, Industrial plants, Warehouses, Pharmaceutical Applications etc. Our testing is done with due consideration to your needs. We will liaise directly with your staff to coordinate testing schedules and ensure that your specifications are correctly implemented.

On-site DOP testing and Validation of HEPA filters

DOP stands for deposition optical particle counter. It is a tool used to measure the filter efficiency and particle size distribution which is a key factor in HEPA filter validation. On-site DOP testing gives you confidence that your HEPA filter is operating at its best performance and protects customers, employees, and patients from airborne hazards. Total Clean Air, the leading provider of onsite DOP testing and validation services for air filters, ventilation systems and clean rooms. Our expert staff are responsive and solution-oriented, providing state-of-the-art technical service to help you maintain compliance with ISO 14644-1.

Preparing design specifications for new filter systems

Every HEPA filter system is unique, as is every environment in which those systems are installed. That is why you need a partner who understands your application. Total Clean Air have the expertise and experience needed to design, assemble, and install your HEPA filtration system. We offer comprehensive expertise and hands-on support from the development phase to full start-up, inspection, preventive maintenance and change-out of all forms of filtration equipment.

We can make sure you get the most out of your filtration system so that you are able to maintain the quality of clean air in your facility with greater confidence. Our technical support team is available 24/7.

Supply and installation of new HEPA filters

Total Clean Air has been providing air filters and ventilation equipment to companies throughout the UK for over XXX years. We have built an excellent reputation as specialists in this field, providing cost-effectiveness and customer service. As one of the longest established suppliers of air filtration products in the UK, we are highly regarded among customers, operators, and manufacturers alike.

Integrity testing of HEPA filters

Integrity testing of HEPA filters generates a certificate which is an absolute legal requirement for all businesses using HEPA filtration. The test examination will identify any leaks, tears, or holes within the filters. With over 85% of all product returns associated with product failure during use, our Total Clean Air HEPA filter integrity tests are designed to ensure equipment vendors, test laboratories and users can have confidence in the performance data from your brand’s filters.

Classification of Air

Classification of air is the process in which a contaminant-free environment is attained by controlling and balancing the necessary factors required to achieve it. The air classification system is the basis for the air quality standards developed by ANSI, European Standardization Organization (CEN), and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Total Clean Air provides in-house engineering staff and state of the art air quality testing equipment. We specialise in research and development facilities, particulate contamination control, high-tech laboratories, pharmaceutical production, aircraft manufacturing and more.

Filter Validation

Total Clean Air is the leader in HEPA filter testing and validation. We provide testing and certification of HEPA filters of all shapes and sizes for just about any application, from air filters to medical devices, to automotive or construction equipment. We also can help with your Visualization, Engineering and Maintenance programs for your cleanroom or laboratory.

Why Choose Us

Total Clean Air was founded with the mission to provide professional cleanroom services in the UK. For more than two decades, we have developed and applied expertise, technology and tools that are the newest and most effective way to realise clean air for those who design air circulation systems. We provide advanced solutions that help clients meet stringent clean air requirements, including HEPA filter certification. If you are looking for an expert partner for your cleanroom situation, you are on the right page.

Health & safety requirements

We have the ability to provide H&S assessments and airflow visualisation of the HEPA filters in complete cleanrooms. Our tests are carried out by highly experienced engineers with a proven track record of validation of cleanrooms, gloveboxes, particle counting systems, ISO integrity testing and inspection. We are experts on air quality and can help you meet your requirements. We specialise in testing to British Standards, HACCP, GMP standards in addition to meeting all UK Health & safety requirements.

Separative devices

Separative devices, also known as HEPA filters, are particulate (or “particulate matter”) removal devices that employ a variety of mechanisms to remove particles from the airstream. The efficiency of these removal mechanisms is measured as their ability to capture particles 0.3 micrometers (μm) and larger in diameter. Separative devices are the heart and soul of high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. Therefore, Total Clean Air uses only the best possible system when testing and validating its HEPA filters.


At Total Clean Air, our experts perform airflow testing, pressure testing, and integrity testing for ISO STANDARD COMPLIANCE/ CERTIFICATION. We provide customised solutions to achieve the exact parameters required in your facility. ISO standard compliance is vital to the design and manufacture of clean rooms. We can help you ensure your next project will pass all your necessary certification and validation tests, while simultaneously demonstrating that it maintains traceability in terms of quality and security all along the supply chain. Scheduling is easy, we work around your schedule and are flexible with our timelines.

Continued Compliance

Contaminants can harm your business and threaten your facility’s productivity. And with the move towards higher particulate classifications, there is the continuing need for efficient HEPA filter testing. Total Clean Air helps you meet compliance and regulation needs as well as product quality specifications and requirements.

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Total Clean Air is a global provider of HEPA filter testing and validation services. We play an integral role in the development, deployment, operation and maintenance of cleanrooms and clean air systems for pharmaceutical manufacturing, biotech labs, semiconductor fabrication, international airports as well as large business and government facilities throughout the world.

Whether you need routine and scheduled maintenance, or emergency clean air HEPA filter testing and validation services for your facility. We offer 24/7 service with no weekend or holiday work.

Contact us for details of the services we offer, and to discuss your specific requirements. Call PHONEXXX to speak to someone today.