Isolators For Hazardous Compounds or Biological Agents

Isolators for Hazardous Compounds or Biological Agents

A hazardous compound is a biological or chemical material that can cause harm to humans, animals, or the environment. Many chemicals used in industrial operations and research laboratories are considered hazardous compounds. Isolators for hazardous compounds are recommended whenever hazardous materials are handled in order to prevent human exposure.

Total Clean Air solutions are used in a wide range of clean room applications, from Pharma to Defense to Aerospace, where they can be used as Isolators for Hazardous Compounds or Biological Agents. We hope that you utilise our expertise on hazardous compounds isolation to ensure your safety in your facility.

What Are Isolators?

Isolators for hazardous compounds or biological agents are machines used for the creation of sterile conditions. Isolators for hazardous compounds or biological agents remove particulate contamination and gases from airstreams so that a sterile environment can be maintained while working with hazardous compounds or biological agents.

These Isolators are used in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities to protect production, processing, storage, and shipping areas. Isolators are used to prevent cross-contamination for hazardous compounds or biological agents. Isolators come in 3 different types: HEPA filtered vacuums, mist-proof enclosures and another type that is a filter unit.

What Are the Uses of Isolators?

Isolators are necessary for the safety of workers and product by limiting the sources and transfer of hazardous substances. They are used in many areas of production and distribution to protect workers, the environment,and the product from exposure to dangerous materials. If you have concerns about contamination, see if an isolator might be the right choice for you. Isolators can be used to:

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To process highly potent toxic and biohazardous materials

Working with radioactive or biohazardous materials can be a nightmare if you are dealing with spills and accidents, and you don’t want to be caught off guard. Installing the right isolator can protect you from any accidental release of potentially dangerous agents into the environment around you, as well as reducing clean up time in case something does get out of control.

To reduce personnel Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) at start-up

SOPs are the formal instructions for procedures and actions that prevent exposure to hazardous or toxic material, equipment, or work environments. SOPs ensure compliance with regulations and allow for maximum efficiency in work practices, operation, and maintenance.

The uses of isolators will help reduce the standard operating procedure, increase the efficiency and safety for both operators and personnel, and provide a better environment in order to make workplaces safer.

To provide a safe working environment

Isolators are essential for the correct protection of staff and equipment. They offer a safe working environment and allow users to work with confidence. Isolators help workers operate at the highest level of safety possible by providing protective equipment that enhances your protection.

Keep your workspace safe with Isolators. Our range of isolation products at Total Clean Air provides an excellent safety barrier for all your workspace needs.

What Are the Benefits of Using Isolators?

The benefits of isolators and containment equipment are obvious, especially for work involving cytotoxic agents.

Reduces the frequency of generating false positive results

The risk of cross contamination occurs when cytotoxic agents are used by laboratory staff.

Containment isolators prevent sample materials, culture dishes, pipetting devices and processing implements from entering the cleanroom environment through apertures in the window and door of a Class 1 biological safety cabinet (BSC), thus limiting the possibility of false positives.

It is cost effective

Containment Isolators are cost-effective containment products that provide the right level of protection for a wide range of applications. Our Isolators provide safe, flexible, affordable solutions to meet your specific needs, from hazardous materials handling to environmental remediation.

Offers maximum operator protection and safety

Containment Isolators provide a complete-environment containment system for work involving potentially hazardous chemicals, chemicals with a known toxic or infectious… …Containment Isolators were designed with the operator in mind. The system provides maximum operator protection and safety.

Eliminates need for PPE

Isolators can eliminate up to 98% of the time and money spent on PPE removal. They are used in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cytotoxic and industrial cleanrooms where there is a need for non-porous surfaces that can be easily cleaned.

Total Clean Air is focused on providing the highest quality of service and expertise in hazardous environments and pharmaceutical cleaning. Our Total Clean Air Isolators are designed to ensure the containment of hazardous substances within a room during cleanup and decontamination procedures.

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What Are the Types of Isolators?

Flexible Film Isolators

Flexible Film Isolators (FFIs) are designed to provide protection from blood and other potentially infectious materials. These products are popular in healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and scientific markets. When contamination control is a priority, an FFI complementing your cleanroom will protect you and your work environment.

Rigid Isolators

Rigid Isolator is a vacuum plenum containment technology for the isolation of organisms or chemical agents. It is also used for the transfer and handling of high-level hazardous substances in a safe, economical, and flexible manner.

Flexible half-suit isolators

A flexible half-suit isolator, or functional barrier, is an air purifying full body garment that protects workers when they visit hazardous areas. The half-suit isolator does not replace the use of a positive pressure suit, but supplements it. Its purpose is to increase worker protection while reducing physical fatigue and improving productivity. By allowing workers to be in the contaminated environment for longer periods of time, they can perform more work at the point of care and reduce the number of times protective clothing must be removed and changed. This flexibility reduces the risk of contamination.

Rigid half-suit isolators

A rigid half-suit isolator is a biocontainment garment designed for maximum viral protection in healthcare and biological laboratories and other settings where pathogen containment is a primary concern.

Transfer isolators

A Transfer Isolator is a regulated device that prevents the transfer of hazardous substances between vessels by applying an isolating barrier. This ensures the safe transfer of materials from primary to secondary containers.

Transfer isolators help you focus on the task at hand—not the hazardous surroundings. These isolators are designed to provide an extra level of safety in today’s demanding interactive environments by providing both physical and visual barriers.

What Regulations Apply to Hazardous Substances and Biosafety?

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH)

Under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 2002, employers must provide safe systems of work and provide information, instruction and training to employees to control risks from hazardous substances. Our Isolators at Total Clean Air totally comply with all the relevant COSHH regulations.

The Genetically Modified Organisms (Contained Use) Regulations 2004

The purpose of these regulations is to protect the health and safety of people, and their environment, from the risks associated with the use of genetically modified organisms capable of replicating in the natural environment. These regulations came into force on 27 May 2004.

How Do You Choose an Isolator?

There are a range of factors to consider when choosing an isolator, these include the size of your laboratory, the type of work carried out, how hazardous the substances are that you work with and how many lab users there are. As isolators can get quite expensive, it is important to understand exactly what you need before selecting one. Thankfully, at Total Clean Air, we take the hard work away and make it easy for you to get the right equipment you need.

Contact Total Clean Air today and discover how their line of isolators helps to protect both safety and security while ensuring optimal performance of personnel, product, equipment, and systems. Request a quote today and we will help you choose the best one for your application.

Types of Isolators We Supply for Biocontainment

  • Flexible Film Isolators
  • Rigid Isolators
  • Flexible half-suit isolators
  • Rigid half-suit isolators
  • Transfer isolators
  • Positive pressure isolator
  • Negative pressure isolator
  • Restricted-access barrier systems
  • Half-suit tester
  • Closed restricted access barrier system
  • Biological safety cabinet class III

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Industries We Cover


The pharmaceutical industry uses many isolators to ensure that the production of drugs and materials is done in a safe and controlled manner. Many of these isolators are used in the manufacturing process while other isolators are just used to ensure that no contamination takes place from surface contact or physical transfer. At Total Clean Air, we have a wide range of Isolators that are ideally suited to the pharmaceutical industry. Find out more.


The growing prevalence of hazardous agents and contaminants in the biotechnology industry have placed emphasis on effective practices for isolating these agents. A safe handling and containment system need to be implemented, especially when dealing with toxic chemicals or infectious materials. Total Cleanrooms Ltd provides custom solutions for isolating extreme conditions in the laboratory industry.


Radiopharmaceuticals are used to diagnose and treat many diseases. They help improve the quality of life for millions of patients and save lives daily. However, handling these agents involved in these processes can be dangerous if not done safely and correctly.

The Radiopharmaceutical industry uses airlocks, isolation chambers, gloveboxes, and other isolators with high efficiency particulate air filtration to maintain a clean and protective work environment in the manufacturing of radiopharmaceuticals.

At Total Clean Air, we have a wide range of Isolators that are ideally suited to the Radiopharmaceutical industry. Request more information.


The use of isolators is a common practice in the nuclear industry to prevent personnel exposure to hazardous activities. Isolator equipment is designed to isolate personnel during critical and hazardous processes. Total Clean Air provides bespoke solutions for isolating extreme conditions in the nuclear industry.

Are you looking for an isolator? Total Clean Air provides a range of isolators designed to provide maximum containment of the most cytotoxic substances, reducing your organisation’s exposure to these hazardous agents.

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Quality Assurance

Total Clean Air provides a quality assured comprehensive service to ensure a safe working environment in specifically adapted cleanroom facilities under controlled conditions. Our aim is to provide clients with exactly what they require – a specific cleanroom design and layout, implemented by our experienced team who are trained to industry specific standards.

We provide well designed and innovative products

At Total Clean Air, our range of products and solutions are designed to give you complete confidence that the people and products you work with are protected from contamination and infection. Total Clean Air provides the right mix of innovative solutions and services to meet your requirements.

We provide qualification and validation support compliant with the industry need

We provide qualification, validation and testing of pharmaceutical equipment at any development stage (new or existing), from design concept to full commercial production. We deliver in-house task team experts and complete B2B solutions to companies all over the world.

We also offer a full range of services for your Cleanroom qualification and validation needs including (HACCP) guidelines, Accreditation, validation, training and document packages. We can help you with corporate standardisation for your organisation.

We have a strong reputation in the industry

We have a strong reputation in the industry that we take very seriously. We are proud to say that our results and recommendations have become industry standards. Our management team, trainers, customer service specialists, and technical staff are dedicated to providing the highest level of service.

We have experienced staff

At Total Clean Air, our people are trained to deliver on our promise of complete employee satisfaction, high quality, and safety in the workplace. Total Clean Air knows that quality service is key to maintaining a successful relationship with our clients.

Total Clean Air is your one-stop shop for isolators, safety cabinets, fume cabinets, cleanrooms, and anything clean air replated. We have the products you like at prices you can afford. Do not hesitate – contact us today!

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