Introducing HALO

Introducing HALO (A different approach to ventilation) The HALO Air Filtration System is a portable HEPA filtration unit that provides a clean breathing environment in areas with low to no ventilation. The self-contained unit comes with its own power supply and can be used in various environments, such as industrial, manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, construction & […]

Air Extraction Systems for the Dental Industry

Air Extraction Systems for the Dental Industry In dental practice, there is always a risk of developing airborne and surface contamination. This contamination can lead to health problems for dental staff and patients. Extraction systems help reduce the exposure that staff and patients might encounter by efficiently removing 99.5% of fine particles and aerosols at 0.5 […]

COVID-19 and Dental Practices

COVID-19 and Dental Practices: Reducing Fallow Time Between Patients Dentistry in the United Kingdom is classified as being a high risk for transmission of COVID-19. With an estimated 36.4 million dental patients in the UK treated every year, it is vital that you are able to protect your staff and patients. Get the most out of your […]

Pathology and Pathogen Containment Testing

What Is Pathology and Pathogen Facility and Containment Testing? Biocontainment facilities for pathology and pathogens allow for the research and clinical diagnosis of emerging infectious diseases. A pathogen and pathology containment system is an enclosed ventilated laboratory workspace, and the different types that exist are distinguished by the level of biocontainment. The concept of biocontainment […]

Operating Room Airflow Ventilation Testing, Servicing & Validation

Meeting all the appropriate requirements takes on even greater importance in an environment such as the operating room, given the need to ensure air quality for both patients and operators. Operating room testing must be annually verified and this is usually arranged by the facility managers. A preventive maintenance programme coupled with regular inspection is […]

Police Custody Center Ventilation Testing, Servicing & Validation

What Is Police, Custody and Secure Facilities Testing and Certification? The most important step in any forensic investigation is undoubtedly the analysis of crime evidence. Where vital evidence is lost, insufficiently documented, incorrectly obtained or packaged, tainted, or destroyed, the entire investigation may be compromised. Material collected at the crime scene would typically require some […]

Pharmacy & Patient Isolation Room Ventilation Testing & Validation

Pharmacy Aseptic Rooms and Patient Isolation Rooms Patient safety, ergonomic aseptic processing space, and the need for vigorous bio-decontamination processes are becoming more and more important. Yet there are enormous challenges besetting today’s hospital pharmacy. Increasingly stringent regulations, the need to create batch production to boost efficiency, personalised patient prescriptions, and changes in the prescribed […]

Ambient Air Flow Ventilation Testing, Servicing & Validation

What Is Environmental Air Monitoring and Testing? To improve and maintain the health of a building and its occupants, it is essential to address concerns regarding air quality before they become problematic. The best way to determine a building’s air quality is by carrying out a workplace air quality validation a regular intervals. Depending on […]

3D Printing Fume Extractors

What is the best way to eliminate or reduce fumes during 3D printing? 3D printing is a technology that allows for the creation of physical objects by putting down layer upon layer of material. While this is done to create physical objects, it also creates a lot of chemicals and fumes, which can be harmful […]

Safe Change HEPA Filter Testing & Validation

Safe Change HEPA Filter Testing & Validation Are you searching for a reliable and knowledgeable partner to carry out HEPA filter testing and validation? Total Clean Air provides third-party testing and validation for HEPA filter performance. We test and validate HEPA filters, verifying the performance of filters used in filtration and clean room applications to […]