Semi-Conductor Wafer Testing Build

Monobloc Design & Build

ISO 7 7000mm x 5000mm Semi-Conductor Testing

Transforming Semi-Conductor Wafer Testing Facility

The Problem

Testing Procedures

Our client, a leading provider of solutions for Semi-Conductor Wafer Testing, faced a significant challenge. Their testing procedures, designed in the UK, were being implemented in their main factories in the Far East, resulting in frequent failed tests. Determined to resolve this issue, they sought to replicate the factory conditions locally. However, they encountered a roadblock - traditional modular rooms maintained high static levels, unsuitable for their requirements.

The Solution

Modular Room Build

Total Clean Air (TCA) stepped in with a tailored solution to address our client's specific needs. Leveraging our expertise, we designed a modular room utilising our innovative Monobloc system. This provided the low static environment essential for Semi-Conductor Wafer Testing while ensuring modularity and easy installation. To complement the room, we engineered a bespoke Air Handling Unit (AHU) tailored to fit within the limited height ceiling void at our client's UK-based head office. Controlled seamlessly by our state-of-the-art Pulse Command control centre, the AHU was programmed to precisely meet our customer's requirements. Offering functionalities such as night time set back modes and user-friendly controls, the Pulse Command system provided intuitive operation and enhanced efficiency.

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The Results

Precision & Reliability

With Total Clean Air's tailored solution in place, our client successfully recreated the factory conditions necessary for accurate Semi-Conductor Wafer Testing. The implementation of our low static modular room and customized AHU not only resolved the issue of failed tests but also optimized the testing process, improving overall efficiency and productivity. Total Clean Air's commitment to innovation and client satisfaction ensured a seamless integration of cleanroom technology, empowering our client to achieve their testing objectives with precision and reliability.

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