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ISO 7 3000mm x 3000mm Airelab

Rapid Deployment of the Airelab by Total Clean Air

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The Problem

Urgent Compliance

Upon transitioning to new premises, the Roar team faced a critical need: ensuring the continuous compliance of our products during the construction phase of Roars new cleanroom. Recognising the urgency of the situation, they sought out Total Clean Air (TCA) due to their reputation for swift delivery and reliable service.

The Solution

ISO 7 Validated Cleanroom

In response to Roars urgent requirement, TCA swiftly provided and validated an ISO 7 3x3m Airelab within a remarkable 48-hour timeframe. This rapid deployment was essential to maintain uninterrupted production during the transitional phase. Leveraging the Airelab's ultra-fast installation capabilities, TCA ensured minimal disruption to Roars operations, allowing them to seamlessly resume activities within a mere 3 hours of their arrival on-site. Thanks to their efficiency and dedication, we were able to swiftly adapt to our new environment and continue our vital work without delay.

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The Results

Rapid Deployment

The immediate availability and rapid deployment of the Airelab by Total Clean Air played a pivotal role in Roars successful transition towards new premises. By minimising downtime and ensuring uninterrupted production, we were able to maintain Roars commitment to providing essential community-centred dependence treatment pathways without any significant disruptions. This seamless integration into Roars operations exemplifies the dedication and reliability of Total Clean Air, reaffirming our confidence in their ability to support Roars endeavours in the future.

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