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Oxford Medical Products

Monobloc Design & Build

State-Of-The-Art Facility for Product Production

The Challenge

Product Production

Having previously collaborated with Oxford Medical Products (OMP) on a successful project, we were delighted to support their latest venture. OMP, renowned pioneers in the weight loss sector, embarked on a groundbreaking journey into clinical trials, requiring a state-of-the-art facility for product production. Given the nature of the products and the importance of clinical trial protocols, precise controls at various levels were essential across the new facility.

The Solution

Monobloc System

Total Clean Air (TCA) closely partnered with OMP to devise a comprehensive solution tailored to their specific requirements. Starting with the User Requirement Specification (URS), our collaborative approach ensured alignment with OMP's vision and goals. With a tight timeline in mind, our team promptly took action.
Opting for our Monobloc system, well-known for its exceptional properties, we constructed three distinct areas within the facility. Each area was carefully designed to accommodate varying air quality specifications crucial for the production of OMP's groundbreaking weight loss products. To address the diverse requirements, we engineered a bespoke Air Handling Unit (AHU) capable of delivering precise environmental controls throughout the facility.

The Results

Optimal Conditions

The implementation of Total Clean Air's innovative solution enabled Oxford Medical Products to embark on their clinical trials with confidence and efficiency. Our Monobloc system, combined with the customized AHU, ensured optimal conditions throughout the production facility, preserving the integrity of the weight loss products under development. By closely collaborating with OMP and meeting the project's tight deadline, Total Clean Air once again showcased its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. The successful completion of this project highlights our ability to innovate and adapt, driving progress in the medical sector and beyond.

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