ISO Class 8

NGE Production Facility

Bespoke Design & Build

ISO 8 500m2 Cleanroom

ISO 8 Full Production Facility Development

The Problem

New Production Facility

NGE faced the substantial task of establishing a new production facility and headquarters in Surrey. The project required a multifunctional space that not only supported high-tech production but also housed the company’s offices and warehousing needs. The complexity of integrating diverse operational requirements—such as cleanrooms for sensitive manufacturing processes and extraction systems for operational safety—into one coherent facility presented a unique challenge.

The Solution

Design & Development

TCA was appointed as the principal designer and contractor for this ambitious project, tasked with creating NGE's prestigious new headquarters and full production facility. The project kicked off with an intensive and detailed design phase to ensure all elements of NGE's operational requirements were seamlessly integrated. Following the design approval, TCA executed the construction and outfitting of the facility. Their solution included state-of-the-art cleanrooms, effective extraction systems, and well-designed office and warehousing spaces, all delivered within the ambitious timeline of 14 weeks from the start of onsite work.Controlled seamlessly by our state-of-the-art Pulse Command control centre, the AHU was programmed to precisely meet our customer's requirements. Offering functionalities such as night time set back modes and user-friendly controls, the Pulse Command system provided intuitive operation and enhanced efficiency.

The Results

Turnkey Solution

The project culminated in the successful delivery of a comprehensive turnkey facility that met all of NGE’s expectations. The Managing Director of NGE, praised TCA’s performance: “TCA were a pleasure to deal with and took the headache away, leaving us able to focus on our business while they took ownership of our new HQ and manufacturing space. We were delighted with the end result. It was clear from day one that we chose the right supplier.” This feedback underscores TCA’s ability to manage complex projects efficiently, ensuring client satisfaction by addressing all logistical and operational challenges effectively.

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